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You'll find everything you need to know in this post over at


I'll set up an email when I feel like it, until then, message me at imgur (see above)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Todo and Changelog

Feel free to send me suggestions or bugs, or just a "hello". Below are my current todo-list and changelog.


- user-submitted tags
- length sort
- link to source
- negative tags
- more tag aliases


1.9 - 2018-05-02
- set default sidebar tags sort to a-z
- autofocus search on load
- minify some assets

1.8 - 2018-05-02
- fixed some bad thumbs
- faster lookup, smaller footprint
- sidebar is now consistent
- full width video player if sidebar is off
- larger max video player height
- new and more intuitive search bar / tag search
- better result scaling for more results on screen
- made /tags to see some tags
- turned off autoloader as default

1.7 - 2018-03-14
- added as new source
- fixed thumbs for a source

1.6 - 2018-02-17
- fixed load time display bug

1.5 - 2018-02-07
- 3 more sources
- full rewrite of importer
- fixed thumb rotater for some sources

1.4 - 2018-02-04
- finally added https

1.3.3 - 2017-09-18
- better xhamster player

1.3.2 - 2017-05-15
- usability/WCAG updates
- twitter link
- markup changes
- microdata

1.3.1 - 2017-05-15
- SEO rework
- tag links are now sorted beforehand to avoid double gets from bots
- to avoid confusion for humans, the tags are sorted different locally
- faster load on tag combine (and ajax)
- changed all offsets to page offsets, less spaghetti
- rewrote three ugly classes into one pretty
- avoid thumbnail load if already loaded (avoid 404 spam)
- video titles are now always shown

1.3 - 2017-05-14
- added 6 more sources (~10m videos)
- restored 2-3m videos from faulty source data
- added about page (
- lots of backend optimization for faster updates
- added rta-rating
- removed a source which served annoying ads
- less image load on mobile
- avoided some extra 301 calls
- video length display bugfix
- gay searches should exclude all non-gay
- trans searches should exclude all non-trans
- thumb preview now shows start-spread-end accross 10 frames
- removed preloading of all thumbs to avoid spamming
- added label 'player height' to make the slider obvious
- much faster autoloading and lazyloading
- next page link to clear long result lists
- back button loads the expected page (no ajax there yet)
- sped up general view calulations (~10ms)
- added cdn for js

1.2.2 - 2017-05-10
- better handling of search strings
- nofollow on filters
- better db indexes

1.2.1 - 2107-05-08
- sorting of top tags (sidebar)
- fixed header layout on webkit/mobile
- slower tag search to chill the server (keypress delay)

1.2 - 2017-05-08
- 150% faster search queries
- ten times faster single video load (bugfix)
- more seo fix
- small design changes
- the thumb rotation is now controllable
- preload of thumbs
- faster updates on deleted videos
- tag results now gets first match and popular similar tags
- removed all "premium" videos. We only want watchable videos
- "to-top" button on mobile
- moved the controls into the sidebar, and back again. fml.
- infinite load more on scrolling (no click) (optional)
- isolated trans videos

1.1 - 2017-05-05
- ~3000% faster queries on many tags
- SEO-fixes
- now running 12m videos on 160m relations
- complete update now takes 1-2 hours instead of one day
- added sitemap to robots file
- default theme is now dark
- more stopwords
- better video-slugs

1.0 - 2017-02-04 init
- pornur was born


Some announcements and cool stuff happening.

Update 2018-02-04 - SSL active

SSL has been activated. This has been a huge pain since my sources doesn't always have SSL enabled, and we need everything to be https in order to use it.

Update weekend 2017-05-13

The biggest update to date. We're now as big as nudevista on tube videos, and it only took 3 weeks of work in total.

If you read this, thank you! You're the reason I'm doing this